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Get FREE Internet pricing with our no hassle quote process on any new car, truck, or SUV. We give you the power to walk into your local dealership with an Internet price quote, so you can negotiate the best deal! *

It's easy...
  • Select the vehicle(s) you're interested in buying.
  • We put you in contact with a local dealer.
  • The dealer is motivated to give you a great price!
  • Use the information on this site to help negotiate the best price.
Shop Around & Save!
New Car prices vary from dealer to dealer, so it pays to shop around. We encourage our customers to obtain at least three price quotes and even more if they're trying to decide between multiple vehicles. It is possible to save thousands by using our FREE service to get a new car quote.
Don't Rush!
Never hurry into the purchase of a New Car without doing some research. A salesperson can tell if you're uninformed and can definitely tell if you're in a hurry! Create a plan of attack for your new Car purchase and you can avoid getting ripped-off by the dealer.

  • Fill out our simple online new car form to receive one price quote or multiple price quotes. The price quotes you'll receive are free and you're under no obligation to buy.
  • Set-up financing to determine how much you can afford. Already having financing prior to entering the dealer gives you bargaining power.
  • Research features, benefits, and pricing on new car quotes for multiple vehicles. Have a back-up vehicle in mind to use as leverage in your negotiations.

Our Commitment to Privacy

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New Car Buyer Tips
Don't buy new cars on the first visit to the dealership!

The salesperson at the dealership wants to sell you a new car that's in stock...today! Of course this makes sense, but why?
  • If you buy today it means you won't go elsewhere to buy your new car tomorrow. The greatest fear of any car salesperson is a potential sale leaving the lot to go to another dealership.
  • If you buy on your first visit then you could seem desperate or hot to buy. This is an advantage to the salesperson because they know your decision to buy is mainly emotional which means you're less likely to negotiate effectively.
*In some geographic areas, we may not be able to connect you to a dealer carrying your desired vehicle.
Do Dealers Compete?
Car dealers were born to compete against other dealers! They're competing with dealers down the street, in nearby cities, and sometimes across statelines. Use this to your advantage! Most new car shoppers that use our free car quote service could be in contact with multiple local auto dealers. Use the free price quote to your advantage and find out which dealership can offer you the best price. Doing your homework and getting multiple quotes can only help you negotiate for the right price. Use our free service when dealing with all dealers to prepare you to negotiate for saving on your next new car!